Stepper  Motor and Drives

focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of stepper motor and stepper drive 

Closed Loop Stepper Drive

  • Low Noise

    low vibration,smooth motion

    Auto Turning of motor parameters

    Protections for over voltage,over current,motor cable error,etc

    EtherCAT Support

    operation modes of PP,PV,CSP,HM

    Configurable I/O Features

    limit switch,alarm,brake,etc
  • Standard Isolated RS485

    Standard Modbus RTU Protocol,RS485 COMMUNICATION CAN NETWORK UP TO 31 AXES

    No Loss of Step 

    Adopted closed loop step system to make real time position error correction,can eliminate potential loss of step.

    Built-in Uni-axial

    Programmable 16-segment position table,support positioning/Homing/Limit/Quick stop...

Integrated Stepper Motor

All in one solution,Easy Setup,High Reliability,Smooth,Quick,Accurate,Low Heating.

Products Overview

Reliable Quality and Assurance

Various Application

Stepper motor and drives have wide range of applications.It can play its optimal state in all fields.

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